In response to: Long Service Benefit Portability Regulations 2020 (Vic) and the Long Service
Benefit Portability Act 2018 (Vic)

Submitted: April 2023

Summary: The Neighbourhood and Community, Houses and Centres (NCHCs) sector is strongly committed to portable long service leave and has had a provision within the sector for portability in the sector-wide collective agreement, the Neighbourhood Houses and Adult Community Education Centres Collective Agreement (NHACE),4 since 2010, well prior to the Portable Long-Service Benefit being introduced. The design, implementation, and administration of the Long Service Benefits Portability Regulations 2020 (Vic) (the Regulations) for the scheme have caused significant issues for NCHCs since inception.


In response to: Draft Long Service Leave Benefits Portability Interim Regulations

Submitted: June 2020

Summary: Whilst NHVic supports the concept of portable long service, it is opposed to the forced introduction of the Portable Long Service Benefits Scheme. Our members have expressed great concern about the increased operational and administrative costs, lack of coverage clarity, incompatibility with existing EBA arrangements and the complexity and duration of record keeping that the scheme places on small community-based organisations like Neighbourhood Houses. All in all, the cumulative impact of the PLSBS actually has the potential to jeopardise the ongoing employment of the very people that the scheme is purporting to help.