Please find the names and details of candidates nominating for the NHVic Board, presented below in alphabetical order.

This year we have eight candidates nominating for four vacant positions.

  • Voting commences: Thursday 12 November via a direct email to full members
  • Voting closes: 5pm, Friday 20 November
  • The successful candidates will be announced at the Annual General Meeting on Thursday 26 November

Meet the Candidates session

Put a face to the names and hear from your candidates about why they should be elected to the Board. Watch the recording.

Angela Stathopoulos

Principal Executive Officer, Prahran Community Learning Centre

"My experience at board level over the last 20 years has given me a range of skills in governance, risk management, and business development. These skills have been further enhanced through various Chairperson roles.

I am an out of the box strategic thinker with excellent listening skills. I can challenge the status quo to the benefit of the organisation I am representing. I am always looking for better, cheaper and faster ways of doing things and I set the appropriate goals and can provide the right resources and direction to facilitate effective change. I believe I have the experience, skills and enthusiasm to effectively contribute to NHVic as it moves into the future."

Cheryl Hildebrandt

Manager, Tullamarine Community House and Men's Shed

"I embrace community development practices that enhance and grow the existing strengths, skills and knowledge of individuals and groups to strengthen our culturally, linguistically and socio-economically diverse communities, rewarding us with social justice outcomes. I have a strong governance background and believe in participation, accountability, transparency and responsiveness in governance. I will work to actively represent the interests and advocate on behalf of members and networks at Board level.

The role of the peak body is critical in advocating on behalf of members, we must ensure our membership is represented by a strong and ethical Board where open communication is key. I want to make a meaningful contribution to the growth of our vibrant neighbourhood house sector."

David Pearce

Chair, West Footscray Neighbourhood House

"I bring to the NHVic Board both governance and risk management capability. My professional life helps organisations develop better governance and risk management practices to ensure they make sound and strong decisions. These skills are transferred to my role at the Board where I am able to align management to make stronger risk based decisions.

My background in working with entrepreneurial firms, allows me to look at strategy and determine the capability and risks. This ensures that the Board has strong governance in the way it helps the neighbourhood house sector."

Gina Dougall

CEO, Banksia Gardens Community Services

"As the current Chair/President of Neighbourhood Houses Victoria I believe that I have been an excellent leader during this incredibly difficult year for all. I have supported and mentored the CEO of NHVic. I was instrumental in placing gender equity as a key pillar for the peak. I have assisted with refocusing the Board’s lens on governance and risk. I have been invited to sit on two Ministerial expert panels throughout the year. I am well networked and have a high level of understanding of strategy, compliance and our fiduciary requirements.

I believe consistency and surety is so important at the moment and believe I can continue to contribute at a very high level with the implementation of our current plans. I am very proud of the work we have undertaken throughout the year particularly in relation to keeping our membership well informed with accurate and timely information."

Jennifer Keerie

Manager, Milpara Community House

"I believe the work undertaken through community houses is vital to the growth, strength and resilience of the people in the locations where we are situated. I would like to be able to contribute to the strengthening of the peak body for this sector and ensure that the work we undertake gets the recognition it deserves as we well as an appreciation of the specialised nature of what we do.

I am committed to being involved in all three levels in this sector - house, network and peak, and feel it is the responsibility of someone from a regional/rural area to put forward the perspective from this region." 

Kaylene Cossar

President, Charlton Neighbourhood House

"I would bring to the Board a progressive, professional  approach, recognising the need to adapt to the fast changing regulations within the sector. I would be a supportive member who would assist with the development of establishing and maintaining strong relationships both internally and with external partners required for advocacy and advancing the sector.

I recognise that the sector is diverse, and all houses and networks are unique. I would be available to listen to their suggestions, concerns and feedback. Most importantly, if elected I would be open minded to new opportunities, endeavour to provide a voice for all, and would hope that at the end of my term I had assisted NHVic to progress towards its goals."

Liz Bonner

Manager, Cloverdale Community Centre

"I want to be a part of a governance team that inspires an attitude of innovation, continual improvement and empowerment to the sector. I am committed to continuing to grow my capacity and skills in governance, to be an example for the sector. The work we undertake in neighbourhood houses is more important than ever.

I firmly believe the pathway to prosperity is through community. We have an opportunity to empower and influence change at a grassroots level in the communities we work with through the strength and unity of our peak body, NHVic."

Sandra Joffe

Networker, Network West

"The importance of neighbourhood houses has never been clearer following our sector's responsiveness to community need and our agility adapting to changing circumstances during the recent bushfire and COVID lockdown emergencies. I have nominated for the NHVic Board to contribute to building a strong, transparent and responsive peak body for our vital sector.

I bring fifteen years experience managing diverse neighbourhood houses and in my role as a Networker in the western metropolitan region, as well as a strong understanding of the social context within which neighbourhood houses are located having graduated with a Masters in Social Policy and PG Diploma in Evaluation. I also bring a strong commitment to social justice and a passion for community development."