We develop research reports and publications on issues and topics of relevance to the neighbourhood house sector. 

The inclusion of people with disability in volunteering

This literature review was conducted as part of the Victoria Alive project, and is intended to provide an overview of the current state of volunteering for people with disability primarily from an organisational point of view but also taking into account the experiences of people with disability.

Download Literature Review of the Inclusion of People with Disability in Volunteering (pdf, 556KB)

Where are all the men?

The report looks at men's participation within neighbourhood houses in Victoria. The aim of the research is to explore and understand how men currently engage with neighbourhood houses, identify potential barriers to participation, and to seek the views from neighbourhood house managers and staff on how to encourage men’s involvement in the sector. It was conducted by two Melbourne University students, Erin Tidswell and Yongyi Lin, on behalf of Sussex Neighbourhood House and in collaboration with Neighbourhood Houses Victoria.

Download Where are all the men? (pdf, 396KB)

Local government support for neighbourhood houses in Victoria

The report looks into the scope and significant variations in the nature of the support and collaboration between local government and the neighbourhood house sectors, based on data provided by 377 Victorian neighbourhood houses. 

Download Local government support for neighbourhood houses in Victoria (pdf, 219KB)

Community careers counselling

What are the enablers of effective career guidance and learning choice for people with a disability? Which enablers are the most effective for educators? This report examines challenges and enablers and provides practical guidance for practitioners. This Adult and Community Further Education (ACFE) funded research was conducted as partnership between Neighbourhood Houses Victoria and the ACE DisAbility Network.  

Download Community careers counselling - full report (pdf, 644KB)

Download Community careers counselling - guidelines for adult educators (pdf, 300KB)