Neighbourhood houses are required to check for full vaccination status for adult participants of non-essential visits and activities.

COVID Check-In Marshal

Employers are responsible for appointing workers or volunteers as COVID Check-in Marshals. Check-in Marshals are placed at the entrance to the premises to check patrons are complying with the CHO directions. This includes making sure they have checked-in, and proof of their vaccination status where required.

A COVID Check-in Marshal can only request that people entering show them confirmation of compliance and cannot compel anyone to do so. If a person refuses to comply, the COVID Check-in Marshal can ask that person not to enter the venue. If the person does not comply with the request, the COVID Check-in Marshal is not required or encouraged to enforce the refusal of entry. Venues are encouraged to contact security or the police if support is required.  

Signage to alert patrons that vaccination status is required

Signage and posters are available on the Coronavirus Victoria website to inform patrons that COVID-19 vaccination is required to enter your premises.

It is important that you clearly display these at all entrances so patrons are aware of their obligations. 

How do we find out if a participant is fully vaccinated in instances where it is required?

The most common way will be through the latest version of the Services Victoria app, at the point they check-in using the QR code. People will need to have gone through the process of linking their COVID-19 digital certificate to the Services Victoria app. 

See instructions on how to do this or watch this video:

To know if a person is fully vaccinated:
  • If you see the person's name on a green background with the words 'Valid certificate', this means they’ve added their COVID-19 digital certificate to the Services Victoria app, and are able to participate
  • If you see the person's name with a question mark in a red circlethis means they have not added their COVID-19 digital certificate. This could be because of a number of reasons - a) they have not yet gone through the process of linking their digital certificate to their Services Victoria app, b) their digital certificate is not ready (this can take up to 10 days from receiving the second dose to appear), c) they have only been partially vaccinated, d) they have not been vaccinated at all.

Here is what it will look like for both scenarios:

Another digital way of proof is by showing a COVID-19 digital certificate in their smartphone wallet.

How does someone show proof of vaccination if they don't have a smartphone?

They can call Services Australia on 1800 653 809 and ask for their Immunisation History Statement to be sent to them. This can take up to 14 days to arrive in the post.

They can also print out a copy of their COVID-19 digital certificate, available on MyGov.

How can someone show proof of medical exemption?

If someone has a medical exemption for not receiving the vaccine, they may enter premises open only for fully vaccinated people.

To be eligible for exemption, they must have a medical contraindication as determined by ATAGI clinical guidance. They will need to show evidence of this medical exemption to the venue, such as a medical certificate or a letter from a CHO-approved medical practitioner. The document must be dated and is valid for the period the medical practitioner specifies (up to six months), or for six months from the date of issue.

From 6pm, 12 November 2021: Patrons will no longer be able to use a medical certificate as evidence of COVID-19 vaccination exemption. They will need their doctor to update their record on the Australian Immunisation Register, and use this document as proof of medical exemption. Find out more.

What about children?

You do not need to check the vaccination status for people aged under 18 years, as of 11.59pm 15 December 2021.

Do we need to record the vaccination status of participants?

No, you only need to see it. Venues do not keep or store any of their patron's check-in information or vaccination status.

How can venues prevent someone from using a fake printed COVID-19 vaccination certificate to bypass check-in with the Service Victoria app?

You can choose who you let into your venue. Only official immunisation records from the Australian Government can be added to the Service Victoria app. The check-in screen has orange holograms that move, so you know it’s a real certificate. If you tap on the green bar this will open up the vaccination certificate. You can look for a hologram of the Australian Coat of Arms in the green certificate so you know it's not fake.

If you are unsure if the person trying to check in is the same one as the vaccination certificate, you can ask to see photo ID. Check the name on the ID matches the certificate.

Fraudulently obtaining a certificate or creating a fake document is a serious offence.

More information

The information provided above, plus more FAQs, can be found on the Coronavirus Victoria website:

If you have an enquiries, please call the 24/7 Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 675 398.