Climate Change and Environment Program

The aim of the program is to generate community conversations and greater local action on the issue of climate change. Read more

2020 NHVic Awards

The winners and finalists for the 2020 NHVic Awards. Read more

Neighbourhood House Week

From 8 to 14 May, we will celebrate the important contribution over 1,000 neighbourhood houses make in communities across Australia. Read more

The NHVic Awards

Nominations for the 2021 NHVic Awards are open until Friday 16 April, celebrating the valuable work of our houses on a state-wide level. Read more

Carer Friendly

We are partnering with Carers Victoria to extend support for carers to be healthy, active and connected through greater engagement with neighbourhood houses. Read more

Our COVID Heroes

We're sharing the stories of our amazing neighbourhood house leaders to acknowledge their significant contribution to the COVID relief effort. Read more

COVID-19 information and resources

We are committed to supporting our members in responding to the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). Read more

Information and advisory services

We are committed to keeping our members informed of the latest information available from Government and within the community services sector, and providing practical and strategic advice to our members. Read more

2019 NHVic Awards

Winners and finalists for the 2019 awards. Read more

Membership types

There are three types of membership. Find out the eligibility and annual fees for each category: Read more

Our history

With over 45 years of history, the Victorian neighbourhood house movement was born by trail-blazing women who wanted to get away from “the kitchen sink” and create opportunities to make meaningful change in their communities. Read more