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Agreements and Awards

All Neighbourhood Houses that are signed on to a neighbourhood house sector collective agreement must comply with the terms and conditions of that agreement.

Neighbourhood Houses not signed on to a neighbourhood house sector collective agreement or where applicable, covered by their auspicing/managing organisation's agreement, are governed by the award system.

Updating the NHACE

The NHACE is due for review. In December 2020, we held a Zoom session to discuss the issues members have with the current agreement. Watch the session. We are also collecting input via a quick survey.


Paytables for Neighbourhood Houses covered by Multi Employer Agreements made between 2007-2018:

Long Service Leave

Most Victorian employees, including full time, part time, casual, seasonal and fixed term workers have an entitlement to Long Service Leave (LSL). The LSL Act 2018 outlines the minimum standards.

Some Agreements including the neighbourhood house Agreements, may have more generous provisions than the legislated minimum but can't fall below the standards outlined in the Act. Check the terms of your Agreement above.

More information on the LSL Act 2018 can be found on the Business Victoria website including an online long service leave calculator and a clear readable guide to LSL.

The State Government's Portable Long Service Leave Scheme

Introduced on 1 July 2019, the Portable Long Service Leave Scheme ensures workers will be able to move from employer to employer without losing their accrued entitlements, provided they stay within the contract cleaning, security or community services sectors. Neighbourhood houses are covered by this compulsory scheme. The scheme does not replace existing Long Service leave schemes, but sits alongside them.

Read our information sheet - July 2019 (pdf, 79KB) and visit the Portable Long Service Leave Scheme website for more information.