Neighbourhood Houses Victoria is committed to supporting and keeping its members up to date in responding to the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19).

Neighbourhood Houses Victoria is providing this information as general information. The information provided by Neighbourhood Houses Victoria is not legal advice. If you are seeking further clarification or have specific matters of concern, you should seek independent legal advice.

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Current directions relating to Neighbourhood Houses

  • Proof of vaccination status is no longer required to attend venues - this means Neighbourhood Houses can resume offering their services to everyone.
  • Checking into venues using the Services Victoria app is no longer required - venues will no longer need a Check-In Marshall or paper-based attendance records.

  • Vaccination mandates for most workers (including staff, volunteers, contractors etc) are no longer in place, including for early childhood workers. Find out more.

  • Masks are no longer required in early childhood, hospitality and retail settings, or at events of any size.
  • Close contacts no longer have to quarantine – provided they wear a mask indoors and avoid sensitive settings. They will also need to undertake at least five negative rapid tests over the seven days that would previously have been the self-quarantine period.
  • Individuals are required to notify their workplace contacts, in addition to informing their social contacts. Workplaces don’t have to individually identify and notify each potentially exposed worker.
  • It is an essential requirement to isolate for seven days following a COVID-19 diagnosis 

Ensuring COVID-Safe practice

Please ensure everyone is observing the highest standards of COVID-Safe practice. This includes:

  • Reviewing and updating your COVIDSafe Plan on a regular basis
  • Providing hand sanitizer at entry and other key location points
  • Physical distancing (1.5 meters recommended, avoid hugs or hand shakes)
  • Regular disinfecting of high touch points and surfaces
  • Clear signage displayed at your premises and messaging via your regular channels
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Information and resources

Pandemic Order Register

The Minister for Health can make pandemic orders to protect public health if the Premier has declared a pandemic. Before a pandemic order comes into effect, a copy of the order is published on this Register. The Register also includes details of any changes made to these orders, including variations, extensions or revocations.

COVID Safe Plan

All neighbourhood houses across Victoria which are operating on-site must have completed a COVID Safe Plan. 

Signs, posters and templates for your workplace

A collection of templates, questionnaires, signage and posters to promote a COVIDSafe workplace.

How we work

Information and advice for businesses who have a COVID-19 case in the workplace.

Safe Work Australia - COVID-19 workplace tool kit

Includes a range of resources for organisations to download and display in their workplaces, including checklists, infographics, fact sheets for industry and posters on handwashing, hygiene and physical distancing.

Volunteering Victoria - Leading people during Covid-19

Resources include Re-starting Your Volunteer Program and the Welcoming Volunteers Back Safely Checklist.

VMIA - Community Service Organisations Program

All NHCP-funded neighbourhood houses receive this coverage. Find out what is and isn't covered.

Justice Connect - Covid-19 response

Justice Connect has created a range of initiatives to provide legal help to community organisations affected by the pandemic. This includes free resources and webinars on issues not-for-profits are facing, including managing contractual obligations, holding meetings and navigating employment challenges.


Translated resources

Online training

Department of Health - COVID-19 infection control training
Once you register, a list of courses will appear. We recommend you only complete the course titled 'Infection Control Training - COVID 19'.

Mental health resources

Beyond Blue - Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service
Regularly updated with information, advice and strategies to help you manage your wellbeing and mental health during this time.

Coronavirus Victoria - mental health support
Includes information and links for where to get help.

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