Tell us about your experience in the sector?

I fell into my role at Cloverdale Community Centre. Prior to working in the sector, I had no idea about neighbourhood houses and all that they offered. It was love at first engagement.

I had worked between the environmental science, secondary school and VET systems prior to becoming the Adult Education Coordinator at Cloverdale. I never really found my fit in either sectors so when I discovered a system that embraced and encouraged creativity, I was in my element. I started out facilitating creative workshops with my husband and now am the CEO.

I have also fallen in love with governance and sit on the committee of management at Bellarine Living and Learning Centre.

What makes being part of the Neighbourhood House sector so special?

The Neighbourhood House sector celebrates and supports you to become the best version of you! I never dreamt that I could grow my professional capacity, beyond sharing my creative abilities at a Neighbourhood House  now I have qualifications and experience in leading a community owned and governed not-for-profit.

It is an amazingly diverse and dynamic sector that supports communities and individuals on their terms. The sector constantly demonstrates just how innovative and adaptive it can be to address complex problems faced by members within our communities. Likewise, it can flex and collaborate to advocate at a state and national level.

What do you hope to achieve in your time on the NHVic Board?

I want to be a part of a team that is innovative, creative and inspires positive change. To steadily work towards ensuring the sector is well resourced, respected at every level of government and empowered at a local level to do whatever it takes to build the capacity and resilience of our communities.

What passions or interests take up your spare time?

I am happiest when outdoors with my family, you can find in the garden or pool in the warmer months and on the ski fields in winter. I also love music and performing with my husband in our band Friday’s Muse.

Tell us a quote that inspires the work you do?

“The road to success is always under construction” – Lily Tomlin