Thursday 17 May 2018

Minister for Families and Children Jenny Mikakos opened the 2018 NHVic Conference to announce a $21.8 million investment into the neighbourhood house sector.

It’s the biggest funding boost to coordination hours, with an extra 76,700 hours to be delivered each year to more houses across the state. Many existing houses will get additional hours.

The $21.8 million investment will expand the neighbourhood house network and support staff, volunteers and the local communities they serve.

The Minister invited houses currently receiving less than 25 hours of funding per week through the Neighbourhood Houses Coordination Program to submit an expression of interest if they want to increase their coordination hours.

An expression of interest process will also soon be available for houses that are not currently funded but want to receive funding. Councils interested in establishing new houses in areas of high need can also put up their hand.

Through the Victorian Budget 2018/2019, all neighbourhood houses will benefit from increased support from mobile neighbourhood house networkers who will get an extra 4,800 hours working directly with individual houses to improve access to key services and activities across the system.

“We said we’d deliver for neighbourhood houses and this Budget provides the biggest funding increase to coordination hours ever,” Minister Mikakos said.

“In one Budget, we’re investing almost eight times what the former Liberal Government spent during their entire term.”

Neighbourhood Houses Victoria CEO Nicole Battle said, "Each week, almost 200,000 Victorians visit a neighbourhood house in their local community – we’re thrilled the Andrews Government has delivered this significant and much-needed funding boost.”

Victoria has more than 400 neighbourhood houses across the state, providing locals with a place to come together, learn new skills and take part in group workshops. Some also offer referrals to government services, or provide language classes and other training.