Monday 28 June 2021

Neighbourhood Houses Victoria shares the deep concerns of the Victorian Council of Social Service (VCOSS), that the State Government is preparing to offer social service organisations an indexation rate that’s less than the rising costs of delivering services.

In real terms, this represents a funding cut.

Recent cost increases imposed upon the Victorian community services sector include:

  • Minimum wage increase (+2.5%)
  • Superannuation contribution requirements (+0.5%)
  • Portable Long Service Leave obligations (+1.6%)

This impacts all social services which receive State Government funding, including neighbourhood houses which are funded through the State Government's Neighbourhood House Coordinator Program (NHCP).

Neighbourhood Houses Victoria is concerned that this inadequate indexation rate could result in job losses and cuts to services throughout the neighbourhood house sector.

This would have devastating consequences for the approximately 200,000 Victorians who visit neighbourhood houses every single week.

VCOSS CEO Emma King said many social service organisations are already at breaking point, especially after significant and unforeseen expenses incurred delivering essential services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Politicians are very good at ‘thanking’ social service organisations for their service. But thanks isn’t enough.

“Thanks doesn’t pay our staff, cover the rent or allow us to invest in services.”

“The Victorian Government must increase funding to cover the true cost of delivering services.”

Neighbourhood Houses Victoria CEO Nicole Battle said the impacts would be felt right across the state.

"We won’t be able to continue to provide the kinds of programs and services that so many of Victoria’s most vulnerable people have come to expect from their local neighbourhood house.

"The Victorian Government must provide a fair rate of indexation in line with the true cost of delivering support.

"Victorian communities are depending on it."

Resources to help you advocate

Letter Template (word doc)

This can be amended and emailed to your Local Member and relevant Ministers:

Luke Donnellan
Minister for Child Protection, Disability, Ageing and Carers (Responsible for Neighbourhood Houses)
[email protected]

Tim Pallas
Victorian Treasurer
[email protected]

Richard Wynne
Minister for Housing (DFFH lead minister)
[email protected]

Gabrielle Williams
Minister for Family Violence, Women, and Aboriginal Affairs
[email protected]

Martin Foley
Minister for Equality
[email protected]

Ros Spence
Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Youth
[email protected]

Note: These are Ministers’ public email addresses. If you already have their direct Ministerial address, use this.

Social media graphics

Courtesy of VCOSS, including the NHVic logo.

Key messaging

VCOSS have supplied some key messages which you can adapt for social media.