Monday 30 July 2018

Last Friday Premier Daniel Andrews visited Donald Community Centre in Western Victoria to announce the State Government’s new funding for neighbourhood houses.

162 houses are now funded to deliver at least 25 coordination hours per week, which equates to an extra 76,700 hours a year.

The additional hours will help staff and volunteers continue to provide the activities and services Victorians need and want closer to home, like language classes, computer tutoring, health and well-being activities, life skills lessons, self-help groups and occasional childcare.

Additional funding through the Victorian Budget 2018/19 will allow neighbourhood house networkers to spend 4,800 extra hours with individual houses to improve the delivery of key services and activities across the system.

Premier Andrews said, “Increasing coordination hours is part of our commitment to expand and support Victorian neighbourhood houses – the biggest ever boost to coordination hours funding.”

Neighbourhood Houses Victoria CEO Nicole battle said, "With a State election looming, we have been really active over the last year, advocating for sector funding with the 'We Deliver, Will You?' campaign. This resulted in a $21.8 million funding pledge over four years by the Andrews Government. It's great to see that pledge now being put into action."

The announcement received coverage on Channel 9 News with excerpts from NHVic CEO Nicole Battle and Donald Learning Group CEO Charmaine Delaney: