Updates on the NHACE renewal process

We will detail any important communications, FAQs, and updates here for the Neighbourhood Houses employment agreement renewal.

Please complete this form if you wish to appoint NHVic to represent your Neighbourhood House: Sign up

If you nominate NHVic to act on your behalf, you will receive invites to consultation meetings and updates throughout the process. It does not bind you to adopting the agreement – once it is finalised, there will be a separate sign-on process.

Info session recording

You can see the recording of our information session here:

NHVIC NHACE Info Session (1 May 2023)
Passcode: !v8t2HDi

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]


What does the process look like?

Please note, this is only a guideline of the sequence of events. Dates are provided where possible, and will be updated as we move through the process.

  1. Notification of intention to bargain: Completed 1 May
  2. NERR issued to Houses: Completed 2 May
  3. Houses issue NERR to employees: To be completed by 15 May
  4. Negotiation process: Ongoing via working group and NHVic board
  5. Agreement reached
  6. Houses to sign on to agreement
  7. Agreement lodged with Fair Work


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jobs Australia involved in the process?

Yes. Neighbourhood Houses Victoria have already met with Jobs Australia to discuss their role in proceedings and we are communicating regularly with them throughout the process. We are working with Jobs Australia and do not mind whether you appoint NHVic or Jobs Australia to act as your representative because we are collectively working for the best outcome for the sector.

The Zoom information session held on 1 May was only shared with members. In the zoom session, it is made very clear that the Unions, Jobs Victoria and any other interested party, will be involved and consulted. However we wanted to provide a platform for members to ask questions and get more information.

Jobs Australia provide a fee for service product to not-for-profit organisations in Australia, and part of their offering is bargaining during an EBA process on an additional fee for service basis. A Jobs Australia membership covers certain things but the volume of work involved in an EBA bargaining process attracts a separate fee.

Does this affect older versions of the existing agreement?

Yes. This impacts the 2010, 2016 and 2018 versions of the agreement.

Do I have to send out the NERR if I am not on any version of the agreement?

For NHVic to act on your behalf just means that we will communicate with members collectively on the next iteration of the EBA, it does not mean that you are bound to enter the EBA. It will just allow you to participate and see if we end up with an agreement that works for you better than your current agreement.

I have not met the 14-day requirement, can I still sign up?

Yes. The 14-day notice period for NERR to be sent out to employees does not stop organisations from appointing NHVic to represent your Neighbourhood House going forward. The 14-day period is the period within which NHVic was required to provide notice to get started. 

Any further questions? Please email [email protected] and our team will assist you.