Tuesday 10 March 2020

On Thursday 5 March at the Gala Dinner of the 2020 NHVic Conference, three neighbourhood houses took home awards for outstanding work in the areas of community development, community resilience and gender equity.

Neighbourhood Houses Victoria CEO Nicole Battle said, "Our houses work within their communities to deliver projects that have such a positive impact, but too often this work gets overlooked. I want to make sure this work is recognised and that's why we've introduced these awards.

The nine finalist projects really do paint a terrific snapshot of the diversity of work our houses do from empowering migrant woman to have a voice on issues that matter to them, to responding to this year's horrific bushfires, to addressing gaps in the domestic violence disclosure process.

I want to congratulate all our finalists and our wonderful winners!"

The winning houses received a trophy and $500 to continue their work, and each of the finalists received a framed certificate.

Pictured above: Gender Equity winner Wellsprings for Women's Making a Difference program.

Community Development Award

Farnham Street Neighbourhood Learning Centre - Resilient Refugee Youth

This project improves the quality of life for young, newly arrived refugees. It teams them up with a Mentor who is responsive to their individual needs, providing them with guidance and assistance to achieve their personal, educational and professional aspirations. The project helps them to realise their full potential and enables them to meaningfully participate in their community. The key outcomes were improved health and social wellbeing, and a reduction in unemployment.

Community Resilience Award

Phillip Island Community and Learning Centre - Wildlife Crafting Bee

The recent devastating Gippsland Bushfires and the ongoing national bushfire disaster has wrought untold damage to our wildlife. A two-day ‘Wildlife Crafting Bee’, attracting 130 volunteers of all ages and skills, was held to sew animal wraps and pouches for the animal rescue groups and organizations caring for these vulnerable creatures. Over 500 items were distributed via the registered Phillip Island Hub for Animal Rescue Collective Craft Guild to the rescue groups and carers involved in the rescue efforts.

Gender Equity Award

Wellsprings for Women - Making a Difference

Making a Difference is a project that builds the skills and confidence of migrant and refugee women to advocate on social issues they identify of concern to themselves and their communities. It provides women with information and strategies associated with influencing change, addressing social inequalities, challenging racism and discrimination, and tapping into systems and structures that impact women's lives. The project connects women with organisations and influential figures through guest speakers, workshops and letter writing to local MPs. As a result participants have found a voice and feel more connected and active within their community.

To read up on the finalists in each category, visit the Awards program page.