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The $250 Power Saving Bonus

Launched by the State Government, the $250 Power Saving Bonus (known internally as PSB) is a financial package designed to assist energy consumers in Victoria. 

The PSB provides a one-off payment of $250 for Victorian Households to ease cost-of-living pressures and encourage Victorians to compare their household energy prices and save money. The $250 Power Saving Bonus is available to all Victorians households.

The latest round of the  $250 Bonus closed 11.59pm 31 August 2023.

About the Outreach Program

As of April 2021, a formal outreach program has being performed by Neighbourhood Houses Victoria (NHVic) in partnership with Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand (GSANZ) and the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA). The program aimed to raise awareness about the $250 bonus and support community members with applying for the rebate with assistance from their local neighbourhood house. 

The program closed on 31 August 2023

Financial compensation

Each Neighbourhood House receive $10.00 + GST for each household they assist submitting an application through the PSB portal.

If you assists with changing to the best offer deal where possible, you can invoice an additional $40 + GST for that submission. Note, NHVic will email houses who assist with changing to the best offer deal and let them know how many applications to invoice for each month. 

Neighbourhood Houses are only eligible to invoice for submissions that have been approved by the Victorian Energy Compare team and as such are guaranteed to meet the eligibility criteria for the $250 bonus.

Tips and tricks for invoicing NHVic

Invoicing $10 for each approved PSB application 

Knowing which applications you can and cannot invoice for can be a bit tricky. So, to make things significantly easier for you, we have put together a short training video for how to access all your approved PSB applicaions and copy/paste the informaion onto an invoice at the end of each month.

As mentioned in the video, it is important to keep a record of the PSB applications you have invoiced for. As such, we have created a user-friendly template for you to download and populate with informaion as needed. Remember, if a PSB reference in column A shows up as red, it is because the system has detected a duplication. If this happens, simply delete the claim that shows up as red since it has already been listed on a previous invoice. 

When invoicing NHVic, remember to:

  • Invoice once at the end of each month
  • Only include approved ('paid') applications on your invoice 
  • Do not invoice twice for the same application
  • Include PSB reference numbers, milestone and date
  • Account for GST
  • Forward all invoices to [email protected] (invoices sent by post will not be paid)
  • Structure your invoice as per example


Supporting documentation and useful links

Energy Affordability (EA) Support

Translated documents 

Terms & Conditions 

Energy Affordability 

The stories and the impact 

We want to share as many stories as possible that highlight the important impact the $250 Power Saving Bonus is having on the lives of eligible Victorian households, and that highlight the benefit of neighbourhood houses in supporting access to this initiative. 

If you have a story you wish to share with us, DEECA, and the broader sector, please fill in this short form and, if possible, provide a photo to go with your story.